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Let me first start this by saying I am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM a goon or a thug. I am a pretty boy. Never really looked for trouble, and if I ever did find any trouble it was 99.9% because of a female (which to those who know me would say “yes, obviously”). Who am I kidding? Any problem I’ve ever had was definitely because of a female. Women have always been what interested me most, but enough about me. Let’s focus on that thug life obsession.

Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s, Mari & I were forced to see and grow up around things that our families did their best to shield us from. The crack epidemic, poverty, etc. But as much as they tried to shield us, they couldn’tprotect us from everything. We saw things that some kids today have never seen and will never see. Some of our friends and classmates were raised a little different and were almost guided toward a life of the streets. I hate to use the word forced because we all have choices, and we all have the chance to make the right choice so they were guided and lured. People that didn’t have the same support (or shall we say regulation – a chancletaso here, a cuchara there or a bofeta), is what guided them in to that street life.

We want to touch upon the people who weren’t guided in to that lifestyle but actually decided to choose that thug life. Why? What glory do you see? What’s the thrill? I guess as a pretty boy, I can’t seem to grasp why you would choose a life of constantly looking over your shoulder for the cops or a rival looking for retaliation over stress from a 9 to 5 and then happy hour after. Who’s to blame? Is it the media? Is it socioeconomic differences? Music? Movies? Why do kids these days want so badly to gravitate toward a life filled with such devastating consequences all for the idea of being a REAL NIGGA? While we are on the subject what makes a REAL NIGGA? Judging from what I read in the papers and the stories I hear while sitting on the Bricks, there are more snitches and bitches than REAL NIGGAS.

But back to kids wanting to be a goon or a thug…we’ve glorified in movies like Juice, Goodfellas, The Godfather, Scarface and more the thug life even though at the end we already know what happens. There is no happy ending. It’s not a Cinderella story. Kids see these movies and think about the easy money and sex and drugs. They look at these movies and think that’s what respect is. They think that’s how you can earn respect and they think jobs like being teachers, lawyers and firemen are boring. We glorify in rap music the fast cars and faster women that come as a result of the thug life.

Even our female singers sing about wanting that thug in a hoodie and jeans instead of that man in a suit with a steady job. The allure of the bad boy is what they all crave. That bad boy who lives a lifestyle that will have him either in prison, dead or old with nothing and hating his life perhaps living on the glory of his youth.

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Let’s segue in to the social media thug. Again I am neither a goon nor a thug but I definitely have grown up with some as friends, acquaintances, and family members. One thing I can tell you for sure is that the last thing they did was go about advertising their goon behavior! I’ve yet to meet a true goon who tweets, YouTubes and Instagrams his dirt, because it is considered EVIDENCE! Yeah that video your boys took of you beating up someone that’s evidence. Tweeting non-stop about what you are going to do to someone doesn’t make you a thug. It makes you an idiot.

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Real Goons move In Silence


Why do kids feel the need to constantly update their status and twitter feed with the questionable decisions they make? Stop trying to send threats and put people “on blast” on social media. That’s ignorant. In the end all you are doing is giving a lawyer signed evidence of your “goon actions.” And posting pics of all your money and drugs is also a great evidence trail. You’re a real smart thug. Let’s just put everything out there for the world to see. Since goons seem to believe in conspiracy theories, you have now probably given the government even more reason to bug your house, phone, Jordans, and your Ratchet.

This past November in New York City’s Bryant Park, we had a young dumb knucklehead decide that he was going to start some beef at the (wait for it) skating rink (yes, at the skating rink because real thugs go to skating rinks to start problems). He decided he wanted a coat and shot a young man leaving the him paralyzed. Senseless act of violence by a wanna be thug who glorified on social media what he did and then per reports “meekly surrendered”. Meekly surrendered even though he posted to Facebook, “FEDS AT MY DOOR IM GOIN OUT WITH A BANG!!!!!!! TAKE MY SOUL.’’ Yeah take my soul. He quietly surrendered after playing the role to an audience.

So our social media thug has his 5 minutes of fame and will now face prison time and a record that will impede him from getting a good job. All to be a thug, a goon, that nigga. What it really makes you is a poser. And posers will never get full respect not even from the real goons.

Real goons know what you are and that’s definitely just a goon wannabe.

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